Welcome from Pike County’s Volunteer Responders

The emergency services in Pike County are unique in many ways. However, like most counties in Pennsylvania, our fire departments are staffed with 100% volunteers and we are proud to say that the quality of service provided to our communities is superb.

In addition to the traditional roles of fighting fires and providing emergency medical assistance, our personnel are trained for and respond to a vast variety of emergencies, such as accident victim extrications, elevator rescues, and hazardous material calls.

In addition, our shoreline communities maintain fire boats for emergencies along the river and dive teams for water rescue work. Mountain rescues are fairly common in our mountainous areas and many departments have established a joint Technical Rescue team in order to be prepared for a number of rescue situations.

If you are currently a Pike County Volunteer Responder, we thank you for your training and dedication. If you’re a local business owner, live or work in the county we hope you’ll show your support to the men and women who help keep the county safe.

If you are a local resident, are action-oriented, adventurous and relish a challenge, please consider becoming one of us.

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