Why Volunteer?

Some things are worth more than money and stay with you longer. Make a difference in your community. Volunteer in a local Emergency Service as a responder.

Are you making a difference in your community?
Most people try to. They’re glad to pitch in when a neighbor needs a hand, or do a small favor now and then. But being a really good neighbor takes more than that.

Before you fall asleep tonight, take a moment to think about the people you’d depend on if you suddenly smelled smoke, or a family member tripped in the dark and fell down the stairs.

It would be those very special neighbors who staff your local volunteer fire and ambulance corps. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, these men and women protect you, your home, and your loved ones without ever asking for pay… or even thanks. Now that’s a good neighbor!

Pike County Volunteer Responder TrioRespect
From every member of your community.

Train to be a Firefighter or EMT and you’ll develop knowledge and skills few can claim.

Some of the strongest social ties you’ll ever make will be with your brother and sister volunteers…people who share your commitment and ideals.

Nothing beats the sense of fulfillment that comes from doing an important job well while helping those in your community.

Did You Know?

Since 1976, the number of emergency service calls in Pennsylvania has increased by 400%, while volunteer ranks have decreased by 75%.

Emergency Service Calls:
1976: 101,000
2014: 410,000

Emergency Service Volunteers:
1976: 300,000
2014: 60,000